Submission Process & Form

The 2017 submission process kicks off March 15 and ends June 15th

However, we also accept films throughout the entire calendar year.  If you submit to Gender Reel outside our annual submission process please follow the same submission guidelines found below.

Once received, your film will be viewed to determine if it meets our mission and placed in our schedule accordingly. 


Our Mission: Gender Reel, seeks films created by and/or about gender non-conforming and transgender people, experiences, images and/or ideas that challenge gender conforming attitudes, ideas or concepts. Non-trans people are also welcome to submit to, Gender Reel, provided their work is reflective of the above-mentioned mission.

Some examples of images, identities or experiences that meet this mission include, but are not limited to: The experiences of trans women or trans men, gender queer/variant identities, masculine/feminine of center, transgender or transsexual people and/or femme or butch identities that challenge conventional gender norms, etc.

Diversity: Gender Reel, is committed to creating a festival space that is diverse and reflective of all sides of the gender non-conforming/transgender/queer community and strongly encourages submissions by or about trans people of color and gender queer individuals.


Submission guidelines:

Film/Video: Films or videos accepted will be showcased at all upcoming Gender Reel events. This includes our annual fall festivals, as well as smaller events scheduled throughout the year (mini film festivals, educational workshops, ect.). Filmmakers who submit to Gender Reel agree to these terms and will be notified when films are screened. 

How to submit your work:

Films should be submited to Gender Reel via VIMEO, Youtube or another online media source. Please email an uploadable version of the film to

If you prefer to mail an actual DVD copy of the please forward it to the address listed below. Make sure to write the name of the film, the name of the filmmaker, your email address and TRT on the DVD directly with black marker. 

Art Submissons: Visual and performance art are city-specific and will only be showcased in the city for which they are submitted. Visual art pieces are only accepted if space is available at the site in the city it was submitted for. Artists are expected to be present during all exhibits of htis work and need to be flexible in terms of how the art is displayed. For example, there may be spaces in which art can only be displayed on a 6 ft. long table — and you need to be willing to work with that. Visual art can consist of photography, painting, silk screening, mutli-medium, etc., Performance art should be no longer than 45 minutes in length and can consist of everything from poetry readings, drag performances, musical numbers, short plays, stand-up comedy routines, dance, etc. 

To submit your film or art piece download the application below, fill it out and email it to Please indicate in the subject line of the email if this submission is a film or art piece.

If you prefer to submit a paper based application this should be mailed to the address below and include one DVD copy of the film.   

Please note: Gender Reel does not assume responsibility for damages or loss of films, props, art/photography and/or any material(s) sent to us and/or used during any of Gender Reel's festivals or events. 

If you have questions regarding the submission process contact Joe @

Please download our submission form here: