Gender Reel’s, community affiliations are organizations, groups, entities and/or individuals who GR endorses and supports because of the great work they do for the gender non-conforming, gender variant and transgender community, and/or the art, photography and film world. If you would like to become a Gender Reel affiliate contact us at and let us know about the amazing work you are doing locally, regionally and/or nationally.

Leeway Foundation

Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Queer Woman of Color Media Arts Project

Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

Women’s Therapy Center

Original Plumbing


Trans Information Project (TIP)


William Way Center


Family Planning Council (Safeguards)

Riders Against Gender Exclusion (R.A.G.E)

Brooklyn Boihood

Philadelphia Black Gay Pride


The Attic Youth Center

Mazzoni Center

Philly Trans March

Gender Edge

Sista Sinema

The Global Action Project

Trans Youth Support Network

Independent Film Project

In Other Words

Minnihaha Free Space

The Rotunda


The Humanist Hall

GLBTA  Programs Office — University of Minnesota

Twin Cities Out Film Festival

Lunch Box

Sista Sinema

Smitten Kitten

Women’s & LGBTQ Student Services Center — Metropolitan State University

Cultural Alliance Long Beach

Center for Sexual Health — University of Minnesota