Listed are the films (shorts, documentaries, feature length films) and other media installations in our video library.

Gender Reel, is open to lending out videos, although the ability to do so is contingent on copy write regulations and permission from individual film and video makers.

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All That Sheltering Emptiness: A meditation on elevators, hotel lobbies, hundred dollar bills, the bathroom, a cab, chandeliers, cocktails, the receptionist, arousal, and other routines in the life of a New York City callboy. All That Sheltering Emptiness explores the typical narratives of desire, escape and intimacy to evoke something more honest. (2010; 7 min; Filmmakers: Gina Carducci and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore). (2011 GR Fest)

Angel: In Paris everyone knows him as “Mujeron” (Big Woman) but his real name is Angel. A former boxer from Ecuador, Angel is now a transsexual prostitute in France. His mission in life is to support his family back home. Now, after five years away, the time has come for him to see what his help has achieved. In his first trip home since he left Ecuador, Angel is confronted with the harsh reality of his country and an ambiguous relationship with his family. Angel is a compelling insight into the complexities of identity and the economic struggle in Ecuador. But above all, it is the touching story of a remarkable individual and his fight for justice and acceptance. (2011; 62 min; Filmmaker: Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva). (2011 GR Fest)

Bella Maddo: One of the things the transgender community has long complained about is having cispeople playing trans roles in films and not getting the opportunity to do the reverse. This groundbreaking film  features an all trans cast of men, women and children, and flips the casting script with trans actors playing non trans roles. In the film, a pregnant sociopath compulsively values thinness over caring for her young daughter and unborn child. This dark-comedy, soap-opera style film is about an aging, vain and selfish mother; the perfect blend of Joan Crawford and Dina Lohan.(2010; 22 min; Filmmaker: Janice Danielle).

Coy: This short film is based on a zine of the same title written by A. Hoelscher, and explores gender queer identity and the meaning of getting dressed for a gender variant person. (2011; 2 min; Filmmaker: Link Ross).

Dokka Dokka: An optimistic story of a little boy who is questioning his gender. Lyrics in Japanese without subtitles in order for the viewer to concentrate on the destructive yet joyful visuals which also leaves the story open to interpretation. It begins with the boy asking his mother “why did I have to be born into this body?” His mother supports his choice of gender reassignment but cautions that “acceptance won’t come easily.” The boy’s metamorphosis concludes with his transition into the “Annie-like” marionette character from the opening credits. (2010; 3 min; Filmmaker: Barry Morse).

Don’t Smoke In Bed: A dirge rendition of Nina Simones Don’t Smoke in Bed sung by gender queer musician/performer Jules Gimbrone. Dancers sway along in a teasing and misleading display of the power and mournfulness of the femme identity. (2011; 6 min, 14 sec; Filmmaker: Emily Rooney). (2011 GR Fest)

Envisioning Justice: A short documentary about the life and work of Pauline Park, a transgender activist based in New York City.

Genderbusters: In their fight for the Gender Evolution Revolution, the Genderbusters drive around resolving the gender-binary dilemmas of folks all over San Francisco. (2010; 6 min; Filmmaker: Sam Berliner).

Keisha Knows: A film noir inspired by the intense love affairs of lesbian pulp-fiction novels. Addressing hetero-normativity, “Keisha Knows” is not just any love story – but one that explores what is at stake when a community is divided. (2010; 8 min, 7 sec; Filmmakers: John Dargan, Mosey Diaz, Jesse Graves, John Hernandez and Tash). (2011 GR Fest)

Heart Breaks Open: A model queer activist and poet Jesus prides himself in his work with the Seattle LGBT community. At the same time, Jesus is having unprotected sex and cheating on his trans man partner Johnny. Jesus’s world implodes when he discovers that he is HIV positive, forcing him to confront his innermost fears, his relationship, his community, and a future living with HIV. (2011; 81 min; Filmmaker: Billie Rain).

How Do I Look: This documentary is an LGBT artistic empowerment, HIV/AIDS awareness community project and an art in education program, focusing on the members of the national Ball community that took their talents outside the Ball scene. The film captures the Ball communities talents, the assets of this very creative and trend setting community and takes you inside this 35 year old Harlem tradition. (2006; 74 min; Filmmaker: Wolfgang Busch).

It’s A Wonderful Transfag Life: Chest surgery is scary!  Luckily for this transfag his Diva Fairy Queen comes to save the day, reminding him of all the joys he can look forward to in the near future.   (2008; 12 min, 11 sec; Filmmaker: Luce Capco Lincoln).

Lili Longed to Feel Her Insides: This puppet-based film was inspired by the life of Lili Elbe, a trans woman and artist in the early 1900s. Elbe died due to complications with an experimental surgery that would have “allowed her to be a mother”. The film was conceptualized by Adelaide Windsome, who performed the piece under the name Geppetta. The film features the song “Medicine” from a stick and a stone’s album Pal Nightly  (2011; 5 min; Filmmaker: Wren Warner).

Misadventures of Pussy Boy: This short captures the experience of an FTM high school boy seduced by a hot femme. (2000; Filmmaker: Alec Butler).

My Crazy Boxers: This short film highlights the experience of a gender-non conforming butch in a psychiatric facility. (2011; 10 min; Filmmaker: Krissy Mahan).

No Hetero: Disrupting the Hegemony: This film exposes the pervasive homophobia that exists within Black communities. This film explores how rigid views around sexuality have become perpetuated and embraced through the church, general cultural norms, and traditional family structures.  Notions of expected gender roles, hetero-normativity, and definitions of black masculinity are also discussed. (2007; 40 min, 8 sec; Filmmaker: Taryn Lee Crenshaw).

Perception: An experimental animation exploring the disconnection between the filmmaker’s perception of self and how ze is seen by the rest of the world, specifically facing the journey of transition from female to male. (2010; 1 min, 28 sec; Filmmaker: Sam Berliner). (2011 GR Fest)

Said & Done: This is the documentation of a sexual encounter between two friends, Asher and Link. Our goal is to show non-fetishized representations of trans* bodies and queer sexuality. (2011; 7 min; Filmmaker: Link Ross).

Sexing the Trans Man: As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with folks all over the world. This film not only inspires people to think outside the box, it re-defines gender by educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. (2011; 55 min; Filmmaker: Buck Angel).(2011 GR Fest)

Spiral Transition: A compelling, candid, interwoven documentary exploring the filmmaker’s relationship with his mother and how this relationship is changing and evolving as he transitions gender. (2010; 6 min; Filmmaker: Ewan Duarte). (2011 GR Fest)

Taryn Lee Crenshaw: It’s Just Me, speaks to the intersectionality of identity. Crenshaw’s photos give physical representation to those that express non-normative sexualities and cross gender boundaries, and focus on ethnic minorities in an effort to explore the realities of people who struggle with multiple oppressions.

The Gender Sticker Project: This documentary explores the negative effects of the gender sticker on the SEPTA Transportation pass. The film consists of personal interviews, footage of Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE) demonstrations and actions, as well as multi-media art created by people in the trans and queer community. (2011; 9 min; Filmmaker: Wren Warner). (2011 GR Fest)

This Door Swings All Ways: This short film looks at how gender influences our sexuality and how we label it. (2011; 2 min, 10 sec; Filmmaker: Koomah). (2011 GR Fest)

Todos/Todas Somos Familia (All of us are family): A short Spanish language documentary film about a group of parents from around the world whose love, support and respect for their gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and gender queer children inspires them to create powerful connections with each other and their families. (2011; 13 min, 58 sec; Filmmaker: Marcos Dávalos). (2011 GR Fest)

Tomboy: A tomboys dream to follow her own hoop dreams makes her a college basketball star and the publisher of the first ever women-in-sports magazine. Tomboy is an autobiographical account of an African American tomboy’s journey of success and self-determination. (1997, 5 min, Filmmaker: Donna Carter). (2011 GR Fest)

Transforming Pixels: The title of a new work created by Artistic Director of Contact Inc. Lenine Bourke and Social Justice Photographer Melly Niotakis. Ten transgender and/or gender diverse people living in South East Queensland collaborated on this project. Transforming Pixels was a space where folks came into each other’s lives to learn photography, share skills, ideas and experiences and most importantly explore the various aspects that were common and different among the group. (2011 GR Fest)

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project film shorts: SMOLDERING ENCOUNTERS: A Black femme reveals the inspiration for her kink/fetish desires in a Tantalizing burlesque of CUT & PASTE.  A bike kid wakes from dancing dreams of body modification in THE WINK & THE PUCKER.  The percussive palms of butch and femme hands are a CALLING CARD for desire.  A call for HELP WANTED takes a gender-queer Asian’s experience with interviews, the cultural and social impacts of unemployment. ¿TIENES HAMBRE? follows a hungry Latin butch to the taco trucks of East Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood where she has a romantic encounter.  A playful encounter between a femme and a gender queer boy occurs at a Vietnamese restaurant OVER PHO. The dynamic swagger of 007 Secret Agent J. Wong clashes with the brazen jiggle of her nemesis in LABELS ARE FOREVER.

50Faggots—How Gay Do You Want to Be Today?: An online, longitudinal and auto-ethnographic documentary series that educates audiences with the unprecedented access to the lives and experiences of effeminate male activists, artists, professionals and educators perspectives rarely discussed within most cultures. By offering individual alternatives to dominant constructions of American masculinity and heteronormative gay lifestyles, this film illuminates the on-going issues relevant to queer communities. (2011; 56 min, 9 sec; Filmmakers: Randall Jenson and Meredith Zielke).



Against the Grain: This film follows the story of Seyi, a cultural organizer, artist, healer, Nigerian and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate whose spirit is transcending gender. The film traces their journey including hormone replacement therapy – testosterone – and the path of understanding identity as gender non-conforming or Tako Tabo (womyn/man). Filmmakers: OluSeyi & Betty Yu, 2012, 6 min

Akin: With haunting suburban visuals backed by the rich sounds of Toronto based-band Ohbijou, Akin powerfully engages in a relationship between an Orthodox Jewish mother and her transgender son as they navigate silent secrets of a shared past. Filmmakers: Chase Joynt & Brooke Sebold, 2012, 8 minutes.

Bye Bye Babybox: This film was originally conceived as the promo video for a fundraiser that would raise money to assist a Houston-area FTM in getting a hysterectomy. The concept was simple, a transguy has a dream (or maybe it’s a nightmare) about being pregnant. Presented humorously through sight gags, a quirky doctor, and dreamlike randomness the film brings humor to what would be a potentially frightening and uncomfortable situation for some transguys. Filmmaker:Koomah, 2012, 7 min, 12 sec.

Gloucester City, My Town: This animated short explores the life of a working class, gender non-conforming person. Filmmaker: Krissy Mahan, 2012, 4 min. Q & A with filmmaker to follow screening.

Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow: Adapting Stanley Milgram’s 1963 experiment on obedience to authority, this film explores how queer communities reenact, resist, and respond to assimilation, coercion, and trauma. Filmmaker: Malic Amalya, 2012, 12 min.

Makes Me Want to Believe: This experimental short is a queer love story filled with hotness and heartache.Filmmaker: Sarah Barnard, 2012, 2 min.

Present Continuous: By tracing the feelings of loneliness and isolation, this experimental film questions the connotations of the mundane. Filmmaker: Bo Luengsuraswat, 2007, 4 min.

Transsexual Dominatrix: This music video is about power and surviving outside the gender binary in an economy based on a gender binary. Director: Shawna Virago, 2011, 3 min, 52 sec.

I Am Trans: This short film was originally conceived for the project. The film is about a man’s estranged relationship to his family and his acceptance of that as just one piece in the larger fabric of his life — a life he chooses to fill with love. Director: Mashuq M Deen, 2012, 4 min, 43 sec.

Sisterhood: This short documentary examines the lives of a group of Latino trans women who work at a beauty salon in Bronx, New York. Filmmaker: Mikajlo Rankovic, 2012, 11 min. Q & A with filmmaker to follow screening.

A Difference: A Difference is a short non-fiction video that examines the intersectionalities between gender transition and racial difference. Transmen of color as well as white transmen are interviewed in this mix of answers to ’what does it mean to transition from being (read as) a white women to being a white man as vs transitioning from being (read as) a woman of color to being a man of color? Filmmakers: Raymond Rea & Zion Johnson, 2011, 18 min.

America’s Most Unwanted: America’s Most Unwanted is a candid short documentary about 3 queer youth who recently emancipated from foster care and their stories of homophobia in care, resiliency and survival. Director: Shani Heckman, 2012, 21 min.

Transpass: This short documentary exposes the negative effects of the gender sticker on the SEPTA transportation pass in Philadelphia. The film consists of personal interviews, footage of Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE) demonstrations and actions, as well as multimedia art and music created by people in the trans and queer community. Filmmaker: Wren Warner, 2012, 16 min, 20 sec.

Facing Mirrors: The first-time transgender film from Iran features two people from opposite backgrounds and social classes accidentally brought together to share a journey. Situations in the film run from tragic to touching as they forge an unlikely friendship. Filmmaker: Aynehaye Rooberoo, 2011, 102 min.

Austin Unbound: From the age of three, Austin knew that his female anatomy did not fit him. In middle school, he changed his name and began to dress as a boy. His family thought it was a phase, but he persisted. Now he will get surgery so he can breathe freely and finally, swim in public. Austin Unbound is the first documentary about a man who is deaf and trans. Director: Eliza Greenwood, 2011, 43 min.

I Am The Queen: The film follows three transgender Puerto Rican teenage women as they prepare to compete in the Cacica Pageant, a transgender pageant organized by Vida/Sida to promote the integration of transgender Puerto Rican in the Humboldt Park community of Chicago. The young women share their lives, hopes, and dreams as they prepare to compete in the pageant. The film also highlights the life o Ginger Valdez, an older transgender woman who coordinates the pageant. Filmmakers: Henrique Cirne-lima & Josue Pellot, 2011, 74 minutes.

The Sisterhood: Hazendal Wine Estate farm hands Hope, Rollie and Pietie are not your typical South African vineyard workers. Hope aspires to winning the local drag queen pageant, Rollie dreams of a husband and retaining the local drag queen crown, and Pietie struggles with his religious upbringing while obsessing over his roses, chickens, and pigeons. These transgender vineyard workers confront prejudice at every turn, from their own farming communities, other transgender people and the world at large. Together Hope, Rollie, and Pietie manage to find the fabulous in the fraught and offer a portrait of triumph in togetherness rather than loneliness in victimization. Filmmaker: Roger Horn, 2010, 74 min.

TRANS: This extraordinary documentary is about men and women and all the variations in between. Inspired by the incredible story of Dr. Christine McGinn and her important work as a transgender surgeon, TRANS provides an up-close and very personal vision into the lives, loves, and challenges of a remarkable cast of characters of all ages and from all walks of life. Director: Mark Schoen, Ph.D., 2012, 93 min.



Cover Up: What if you woke up one morning and found that glitter had spread across your face? What if you had to hide it? What if you were afraid? What if the LaLas ruled the world? What if the LaLas saw you? Glitter is not a crime! WHATCHAMACHALLITS DEMAND JUSTICE NOW! A group of queer youth made this video, “to call attention to the way people are marginalized (no matter if we’re LGBT, immigrants, minorities, etc.) even when no one is being explicit about it. We shouldn’t be accepted only if we cover up parts of ourselves-we should be supported and celebrated for being exactly as we are. We wanted to show how other queer youth who aren’t as visible and aren’t as harassed can stand up for those who are. We wanted to show how parents, teachers and principles can stand up for queer youth too.” (2011, 11 minutes, Filmmakers: Diallo, Grannt, Guerrero and Mccleland).

There’s No Place Like Home: A public service announcement focusing on homelessness among LBGTQ youth. (2009, 1 minute, Filmmakers: Casado, Vinson, Tejada, Hernandez, Bravo and Goodridge).

3 Queer Mice: This short animation is a remake of the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice. We find three very queer mice in a lot of trouble when their rights are being violated. Based on real stories. (2007, 3 minutes, Filmmakers: Feliciano, Lam, Moscoso and Leu).

These three films were submitted by our co-sponsor the Global Action Project, located in New York City.

Deflated: A boy must decide between a deflated green ball and a bright pink ball in this fantastical tale of a boy’s gender crisis in the toy aisle of a super-store. (2012, 5 minutes, Filmmaker: Dustin Shroff).

Audrey Superhero: An experimental documentary, explores the shifting terrain of gender identity. The film includes vividly charged discussions with Audrey, who insists she is Superman, along with views of her obsessive role-playing during her daily life out in the “real,” world. Playful and arresting, Audrey de-cloaks from Clark Kent to Superman, revealing her “secret identity,” as a boy. She is as open as only a six year old could be. (2010, 9 minutes, Filmmaker: Amy Jenkins).

A Night in the Woods: This horror/fantasy short film explores the possibilities for alliance-building between and among communities of color, specifically between trans/genderqueer people and cis-non-transgender women. Using the zombie genre as an allegory for the precarious and uncertain times we live in, it asks both whether and how trans communities of color, accustomed to going it alone, can ask for receive help from others, and what internal struggles must be resolved. This film won, “Best API Filmmaker.” (2012, 9 minutes, Filmmaker: Alexander Lee).

Change Over Time: An animated, experimental, personal documentary about the filmmakers first year on testosterone from an impressionistic and poetic perspective. (2013, 7 minutes, Filmmaker: Ewan Duarte).

Dating Sucks A Genderqueer Misadventure: The first episode in an animated documentary web-series about the successes, failures, and incredible confusion trying to date as a genderqueer/trans person. (2013, 12 minutes, Filmmaker: Sam Berliner).

Faggotgirl: This film follows the experience of a butch-dyke super hero action figure, named Faggotgirl. (2013, 4 minutes, Filmmaker: Krissy Mahan).

Nightville: After suffering a romantic disappointment, Jaye travels through a landscape of shifting gender identities and nightmarish visions. Thematically, “Nightville” explores gender identity through the transformation and integration of various selves, through the casting off of persona and the process of rebirth. (2013, 10 minutes, Filmmakers: Kate Kaminski & Betsy Carson).

The Ladies Room: Follow Kitty’s misadventures while she searchers for a safe public washroom. (2013, 7 minutes, Filmmaker: Sunny Clark).

From Leonard to Leona:  This documentary is about the life and work of Leona Lo. Born and raised in Singapore, Lo realized she was a trans woman at the age of 12. Often the target of discrimination due to her effeminate mannerism, she went to Thailand to have sexual reassignment surgery. With her new body and identity, she returned to Singapore only to find challenges in many aspects of her life, including employment, romance and family. This film takes a close look at Lo’s life in a society that is still coming to terms with the transgender community and other sexual minorities. (2013, 36 minutes, Filmmaker: Larry Tung). (International).

Out of the Box: Brittany is just your average doctoral student trying to make her way in the world, trying to belong and find meaning to life. Her acute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is almost crippling as she tries to seek order out of her chaotic home life. Her younger brother Bodie, an aspiring undergraduate filmmaker, is gay. Tiffany, the youngest of the bunch, is happy go lucky and just wants to be a cheerleader and love everyone. The Matriarch of the clan is Lily, a trans woman trying to raise her family the best way she knows how. The audience through humor learns, much like Brittany’s character, there is “perfection in the imperfect.” (2013, 21 minutes, Fimmaker: Jacque J.A. Steel).

A Condition of the Soul: Venus Demars: Profile of the artist Venus Demars, as well as, her life as a transgender person. (2013, 22 minutes, Filmmaker: Teri Homan).

Hello Mimi: This is the story of an Asian, trans woman who underwent her gender reassignment operation at the age of 58. The film explores her struggles with her gender identity and sexuality in the contexts of her relationships with family, work and society. (2012, 31 minutes, Filmmaker: Dr. Petula Sik Ying Ho). (International)

HISphoria: TRANS, MALE & DYSPHORIC”:  A heartrending documentary that tells the touching story of Christian Lovehall, a man of trans experience from Philadelphia, who shares his feelings about being pre-op and the medical attention he lacks, while taking audiences into his daily struggles with gender dysphoria- a persistent unease with having the physical characteristics of one’s assigned sex at birth, accompanied by strong identification with the other sex and gender and a desire to live as or become a member of the other sex and gender. This documentary that takes a look into the rarely documented symptoms related to gender dysphoria, clearing up misconceptions about trans* specific surgery and showing the courage, strength and effort it takes to live while suffering from gender dysphoria. The film will be used as a fundraising tool for Lovehall’s “top surgery.” To make a donation to Christians surgery fund please contact him @ (2013, Filmmaker: Christian Lovehall).

When I Was A Boy I Was A Girl: Gogo is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organizing or participating in a ay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is really her niece. Although her eighteen-year-old boyfriend steals the money she risks life to earn as a sex worker, Goga still loves him and manages to retain her sunny, open-minded nature. On her thirty-ninth birthday she decides to celebrate her coming-out on stage in front of a live audience, and so she tells them the story of her life: “When I was a boy, I was a girl.” (2013, 30 minutes, Filmmaker: Todorovic). (International). 

Alley Of A Tranny Boy:  Rough, tough and ready to tumble into the sack, Christopher Lee’s first Transmen 70’s style porno is full of transman-on-transman, transman-on-dragking and transman-on-bioboy (and visa versa) S-E-X. Shockingly fun for the whole (queer) family! Starring Angel, Buck Davis & Jade Blue Eclipse . (1998, 50 minutes, Filmmaker: Christopher Lee).

Amanda: An intimate portrait of self-discovery. Using performance as therapy Amanda Monroe creates the woman she always wanted to be. (2012, 58 minutes, Filmmaker: Linette Etheredge). (International)

Thick Relations:  How does the old saying go? Blood is thicker than water.  Or is it? Definitions of “family,” have typically been understood as a constellation of relationships fortified by blood and law, and an institution that preserves the primacy of heterosexual norms. This film, is a point of departure from these typical family conscriptions. It is a mediatation on the richness, creativity, diversity and alterity of a queer kinship laboratory that privileges bloodless and lawless relations as the most crucial of bonds. Thick Relations is a Chosen Family Affair.  (2012, 84 minutes, Filmmaker: Jules Rosskam).

Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!: Borrowing the iconic language of the riot grrrls, Courtney Trouble is making a serious statement with this punk rock porno: trans women belong, and should be forefront, in this here feminist porn movement. All politics aside, this film is a smoking hot two hours of making out, heavy petting, playful kink, strap-ons, oral, anal, fisting, public sex, squirting, laughter – and even a little bit of love. TROUBLEfilms hopes to add to the growing library of alternative trans porn available to the queer community, as well as show the mainstream world what can, and will, be done to improve the genre. (2013, 120 minutes, Filmmaker: Courtney Trouble).



Trans Women/Feminine

How I Gave Birth To Myself: This film is about finding one’s own identity in the art that they create. The film recognizes of the kind of freedom that can be found within an individuals mind, body and soul, regardless of their environment. (Filmmaker: Akiko Carver, 2014, TRT: 3 min)

In My Skin: Hate violence, betrayal by loved ones, employment discrimination. These are just some of the issues transgender women face. Often perceived as a bastion of tolerance, New York City can be a hostile place for trans women. Despite rampant stigma and discrimination, trans women survive in the city, forging community and sisterhood. This film tells the story of a theatre ensemble of nine trans women who come together to create a play based on their lives and then perform it at Joe’s Pub at the legendary Public Theatre in downtown Manhattan. (Filmmaker: Audacia Ray, 2014, TRT: 18 min).

Joyeux Anniversaire: This short film explores the second birth of Virginie, a 40-year-old trans woman, who purchases the set of high heels she has always wanted, shoes that help “grow her up.” (Filmmaker: Isabelle Gerbaud, 2013, TRT: 11 min). [Subtitled]

The Tablet: A short film about a transgender woman, Jayview, her partner and their relationship. Jayview, spends her time trying on clothing outfits in an effort to divert her partner’s attention away from his computer tablet. (Filmmaker: John Morgan, 2014, TRT: 14 min).

Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles: A powerful documentary of a community vigil for Islan Nettles, a trans woman of color. This vigil captures the love and support of a community brought together to sustain each other, despite the continued oppressions that occur against trans women of color daily. (Seyi Adebanjo, 2014, TRT: 7 min).

Trans Men/Masculine

Brace: This short film tackles issues of homophobic hate crime, and gang violence against LGBT youth, set against a backdrop of troubled young love. Brace is a visually stunning glimpse into London’s queer nightlife, and the perils that exist behind the bright lights. (Filmmakers: Jake Graf, Alicya Eyo, Sophy Holland, 2013, TRT: 25 min).

A Self-Made Man: This documentary examines the complexities of gender identity through an intimate portrait of a transgender man and his work with trans youth. This film explores the poignant personal story and important life work of Tony Ferraiolo, a transgender youth advocate. We watch as Tony guide kids as young as 8, and their parents, through the confusing journey of defining themselves, when their physical appearance conflicts with how they view themselves. Even as he struggles to come to terms with his own life as a transgender person, he offers safety and assurance to families immersed in an often frightening transition. (Filmmaker: Lori Petchers, 2013, TRT: 56 min).

Shirts Vs. Skins: This film follows the life of Dale Michaels, an African American guy, who has a great job, great friends and an even greater secret. (Filmmaker: Teresa Dowell-Vest, 2013, TRT: 23 min).

Something In Between: There’s a barrier between Nino and the rest of the world. The environment sees her as a girl – something that she can’t feel. Nino ceases to try to be a girl, and starts living as a boy. Daily life suddenly starts to include hormonal injections, a breast binder and the fear-inducing prospect of surgery. In order to obtain transgender diagnosis and gender-reassignment treatment Nino must prove that he’s a masculine man. However, upon turning thirty, Nino feels that the right choice is somewhere in between. The confirmation of gender happens easily in the Magistrate, resulting in celebration, but Nino nevertheless has to answer questions regarding parenthood and physical identity. This documentary directed by Riikka Kaihovaara portrays Nino’s relationships with the people around him and the effects that gender contradictions have on Nino’s mental and overall well-being (Filmmaker: Rikka Kaihovaara, 2013, TRT: 44 min).

The Baseball Project: This film visualizes the immersion of a 26-year-old, queer trans man into a baseball clinic for 8-12 year olds. The film looks to redo a “male” childhood, while engaging of gender and consent as a construct. (Filmmaker: Oli Rodriguez, 2009, TRT: 6 min).

Zanderology: This film is an illustrated documentary about Zander Keig, a transman who was born dead, paralyzed at age six, put in a mental hospital as a teen, was in a Mexican gang, joined the military, became an undercover drug officer, obtained three graduate degrees and is now a social worker for homeless veterans. Zanderology goes beyond telling people that it gets better and humorously explains how one person changed their life in almost every way possible. (Filmmaker: Megan Rohrer, 2013, TRT: TBA).

Gender Non-conforming/Queer

Crazy Hot: This short film takes a campy look at ups and downs of dating. It is a valentine to all those hopeless romantics that endure the lunatic antics of that special someone…if only for a song. (Filmmaker: Stephanie Saint Sanchez, 2014, 10 min).

Chuppan Chupai—Hide and Seek: This film shows the secret, yet open lives of a group of Pakistani sexual minorities, raising questions about transgender activism, religion, underground gay life, social acceptance, and collective familial customs of transgender people in urban Pakistan. The film follows the lives of: Neeli Rana, a transgender activist, whose courage and persistence pushed the apex court of Pakistan to grant basic civil rights in favor of “the third gender;” Kami, a fearless and flamboyant boy, who speaks out about his gay life; Waseem, a veteran dancing boy, who struggles with his sexuality, denouncing it due to familial pressure; and Jenny, a transgender woman who regrets her transition. (Filmmaker: Saadat Munir, 2013, TRT: 68 min) [Subtitled]

DOH! Oh Dear, A Female Tear: This film explores the issues of voice, gender and representation as Stephen traces his westernization, the discovery and silencing of his voice, and people’s reactions in Singapore and North America. Reflecting on the “unsettling” quality of his voice. (Filmmaker: Stephen Chen, 2013, TRT: 12 Min).

M.I.: A Different Kind of Girl: Laine Brown, a spirited and passionate male impersonator born on North Carolina’s rural coast, transforms by taping down her breasts, shaving her head, and studying the masculine performances of today’s most famous male entertainers—to become the incomparable NATION TYRE, show-stopper and ground-breaker for women in drag. As she pushes the bounds of female gender identity, is there room for Nation, a lone performer, to challenge the constraints at work n the African-American and LGBT community in pursuit of fame and visibility on the world stage? Features music and special commentary by KIN4LIFE. Introducing Laine Brown as Nation Tyre, The House of Tyre, Breyannah Allure, Paris Brooks, Image, First Lady, Hollywood and many more. (Filmmakers: Leslie Cunningham and Alana Jones, 2012, TRT: 53 min).

The Heartbreak of VD: This experimental short is a reminiscent of a 1940’s ‘cautionary tale,’ based on vintage World War II venereal disease posters. (Filmmakers: The Play Babies, 2014, TRT: 13 min).

How To Be Beautiful: “How to Be Beautiful” was created as a commission for the 16mm John Waters- inspired film “Camp Randy.” The video is part dance, part drag performance. Borne of AP and Lazer’s collective genderfucking imagination, the content is fueled by impulse, unadulterated joy, and their pleasure centers. They don makeshift garments and messy makeup. Playground equipment, discarded sofa chairs, hot dogs, and junk radios serve outside their usual functions. The duo’s chemistry generates unreproducible moments of uncanny timing and hilarity. The tone is crass, yet heartfelt, and the Godley & Creme soundtrack casts a saccharine nostalgic glow. With a playful, rambunctious spirit, Lazer and AP use campy sexualized gestures, grandiose sass, and a hyperbolic sense of self to propel themselves into the sublime ridiculous. (Filmmakers: Lazer Goese & AP Looze, 2014, TRT: 4 min). [Experimental]


Stark Electric Jesus: In Dec 2013, the Supreme Court of Indian ruled to uphold IPC 377, a law that criminalizes sex between men or what is otherwise considered “unnatural offences.” This film explores the experiences of a gender non-conforming man, who finds himself in a cage of hallucination, fantasizing about the freedom and love he desires, but may never have due to the restrictions placed on him by this law. (Filmmaker: Hyash Tonmoy, 2014, TRT: 12 min). {Disclaimer: There are scenes of animal killings that are cultural in nature, but could be triggering for some.} [Experimental]

They Hate Me In Vain: LGBT Christians In Today’s Russia: The situation has become increasingly difficult since the passing of homophobic law 6.21 in 2013. This legislation outlaws the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors.” The law pretends to protect minors from moral corruption, but in reality it legitimizes violence against LGBT people, promotes bullying, stifles freedom of the press and deflects attention away from the country’s real social problems. This film deals with the current situation in Russia. However, its issues are common to all territories of the former Soviet Union. (Filmmaker: Yulia Matsiy, 2013, 67 min) [Subtitled]

When A Butch Dyke Dies: This short explores the question of what happens to a butch dykes body once they die. (Filmmaker: Krissy Mahan, 2013, TRT: 3 min).

“…until justice rolls”: In this short, Faggotgirl decides to meet her best-friend across town. However, they are thwarted in their attempts to use public transportation because of the inaccessibility of the system. (Krissy Mahan, 2014, TRT: 4 min).

Urban Drag: Five people explore their identities and define themselves through clothes and makeup. They perform in the urban context because that is the space where their sexual identities were created, then imposed. Now they are reinventing themselves. (Filmmaker: Teresa Sala, 2013, 8 min).


Fragile: Fragile is a subtle, moving film that explores the delicate issue of gender identity and bullying. It follows the story of a young boy, who through his struggle with his gender embarks on a difficult journey of self – discovery and contentment. Alex moves in permanently with his dad and is forced to suppress his true identity as he struggles to live up to the expectations set for him. He is bullied and beaten at school and is pushed to abide by his dad’s rules at home. Alex lacks the confidence to face his inner fears and most importantly his dad. He soon realizes he may have to choose between who he is and who his dad thinks he should be. After getting caught cross-dressing, Alex confronts his dad and faces unimaginable consequences.  He runs away from home and befriends a woman who restores his confidence. Alex eventually comes to terms with who he really is and returns home to face his dad. The film is told from the unique perspective of a fragile and innocent child to build a moving narrative. Fragile is a highly personal, passionately shot film that captures the surreal nature and struggle of gender identity. (Filmmakers: Juliet & Juliana Mango, 2014, TRT: 9 min).

I’m Just Anneke: This film is a portrait of a 12-year-old girl who loves ice hockey and has a loving, close-knit family. Anneke is also a hardcare tomboy and everybody she meets assumes she’s a boy. The onset of puberty has created an identity crisis for Anneke. Does she want to be a boy or a girl when she grows up, or something in between? To give her more time to make a decision, her doctor has put her on Lupron, a hormone blocker that temporarily delays the horomones of adolescence. Despite rejection by her friends and struggles with suicidal depression, Anneke is determined to be true to herself and maintain a gender fluid identity that matches what she feels on the inside. I’m Just Anneke takes us into the heart of a new generation of children who are intuitively questioning the binary gender paradigm. (Filmmaker: Jonathan Skurnik, 2010, TRT: 12 min)

“Oversimplified” Episode 1: Origins: Kelly, born and raised in New York City, met Caleb two years ago at a LGBTQ youth shelter. At first rivals, now they are best of friends. Ellen just arrived to the city eager to find community. Through encounters with getting “grilled,” generalizations made about the LGBTQ community, and connecting to their history, they explore origins and explain why they are through with being oversimplified into a few (lgbt) letters when the story’s much more complex. (Filmmakers: Global Action Project, 2014, TRT: 13 min).

The Nanny Project: This short investigates the importance of play, while examining the social expectations of gender. There is a performance interaction between a young boy princess and ze’s nanny/manny. Shot entirely on a low quality cell phone, the camera itself is a natural factor of play. (Fillmmaker: Oli Rodriguez, 2012, TRT: 7 min).

The Family Journey: Raising Gender Nonconforming Children: This film charts the emotional and intellectual transformations parents and siblings must make in order to successfully nurture their gender nonconforming family members. In frank, vulnerable interviews, famlies from all over the country speak out about the power of love and acceptance to help their unusual children thrive. They also come to realize that loving a gender nonconforming child, in the face of ignorance—and sometimes—hostility, has turned them into more compassionate human beings. (Filmmaker: Jonathan Sturnik, 2010, TRT: 15 min).

Turn: A PSA by SupaFriends 2013: A PSA in which one young person responds to the violence of homophobic and transphobic language with words of their own. (Global Action Project, 2013, TRT: 2 min)

Transgender Parents: This film takes the conversation about parenting & transexuality to the next level. Some parents transitioned in the presence of their kids and some who transitioned prior to founding families – being out as trans and as parents, in ways that were not possible 20 years ago. (Filmmaker: Remy Huberdeau, 2014, TRT: 46 min).



A Star Named Sonja — This film tells the story of the rise and fall of one of Prague’s most famous nineties drag queens (Filmmaker: Peter Serge Butko, TRT: 55 min, 2014). English Subtitles.

Bare — Every step we take against the sameness of the society by getting rid of our given titles to enter our own existence is a step forward but at the same time with this step we enter a suppressive environment. This step initiates a resistance against life in which we take part in our purest self. (Filmmaker: Cifel Huseyin, TRT: 5 Min, 2015) — Experimental

Coming Out As A Drag Queen — The film documents the issue of coming-out and being open/public about one man’s sexuality. Armando is a drag queen in Oklahoma City, a culturally conservative city, where he performs every Wednesday evening as Maria-Isabel, his drag queen persona. (Filmmaker: Sonja Bozic, TRT: 33 min, 2014)

Desvelo — Luzia falls in love with Leo, but to live it must flee the city that lives and jealous of her ex-boyfriend, Diogo. Along the way, the couple goes through adventures where Luzia discovers the true identity of Leo and knows what is love is. (Filmmaker: Clarissa Rebouças, TRT:   2015). English Subtitles.

Eden’s Garden — This film features an all trans male cast and focuses on many socially relevant issues impacting black and Latino trans men, including: dating, same-sex relationships, HIV/AIDS awareness, infidelity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay-bashing, trans-bashing, friendships and betrayal. (Filmmaker: Seven King, 25 min, 2015) 

How Much Longer — This short narrative is about a trans man of color who is having nightmares about a hate crime. (Filmmaker: Rukiya Shanteel, TRT: 7 min, 2014)

Internal Body Shots — Hans, Can, Grete and Coco meet for a chat about physicality, in order to get to know each other and exchange experiences. An experimental conversation about gender norms and the body within, the one you only see once you get to know someone. (Filmmakers: Kristian Peters, Jasco Viefhues & Emma Simon, TRT: 12 min, 2014) Partially subtitled in English. Disclaimer: There is frontal nudity. 

Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger — This film looks at the life and work of trailblazing performance artist-theorist-activist, Kate Bornstein. Bornstein takes viewers on a mind-bending quest through her personal world, dismantling gender and seeking answers to the age-old question: What makes life worth living? (Filmmaker: Sam Feder, TRT: 55 min, 2014)

Like Other Girls Do — This film explores the compelling story of a Montenegrian woman who lived her life as a man. The film’s subject, Stana Cerović, was born in a tiny village to a family without boys. She lived her life as a man, and now wants to be remembered on the family graveyard as her father’s son. Yet hardly anyone lives in the village anymore, and there is no mason to carve Stana’s name in stone for the family graveyard. Interviews with five young women in Belgrade, Serbia–a bus driver, drag king, student, printmaker, and graffiti artist–reveal many different ideas about sacrifice, personal choice, and remembrance. (Filmmaker: Melissa Potter, TRT: 26 min, 2014) English Subtitles.

Dear Lou Sullian — This short film documents the work of Lou Sullivan, a trans man who founded FTM International, one of the first FTM organizations and is largely responsible for the modern acknowledgment that sexual orientation and gender identity are totally different concepts (Filmmaker: Rhys Ernst, TRT: 7 min, 2014).

My Cake — Combining dance, mime and music, this film is a response to the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The Villain looks back at his childhood, the day he discovers the image others have of him does not match the one he has of himself. The film plays with the themes: ambition, identity, society’s pressure, gender bending and the obsession to control one’s self-image. (Filmmaker: Nuno Roque, TRT: 3 min, 2015).

OYA: Something Happened on the Way to West Africa! — This personal and political story vibrantly investigates the heritage of command, mythology, gender fluidity and the hidden truth behind the power of indigenous Yoruba spirituality. Following the journey of queer, gender non-conforming Nigerian Segi Adebanjo, we watch as they returns to Africa, connects with Orisa tradition and encounter the powerful legacy of their great grandmother, Chief Moloran Iya Oloya (Filmmaker: Seyi Adebanjo, TRT: 31 min, 2015).

1987, Summer — This short film follows the life of baby butch dyke, who is full of idealism and romantic ideas during a time when HIV/AIDS impacted the LGBT community. The issue of gender presentation is presented as an unhelpful barrier to finding support for the fight against AIDS. (Filmmaker: Krissy Mahan, TRT: 9 min, 2015). LGB themed.

Text: A Unique Vision: Can you survive one day without Internet or cell phone access? How would you react if you had to figure out what to do with your time if such a thing happened? That is the theme of this short satire, which follows a woman whom has an adverse reaction to her service being cut off. (Filmmaker: Christina Koenig, TRT: 9 min, 2014). Christina, the filmmaker, is a trans woman and is excited to have her film screened at Gender Reel, even though it does not specifically reflect a theme about gender identity. 

Tant Pis Chapter One — This film explores the experiences of Wal, Junior and Meg, three individuals selected to go to France to study at La Sorbonne in Paris. Leaving behind the suburbs where they used to live in Belem, Brazil, they embark on an exploration of self-discovery, in the big city.  (Filmmaker: Bruno Rodrigues, TRT: 25 Min, 2015). English Subtitles. 

Things Trans Guys Are Tired of Hearing — This film helps prepare others for the kind of questions you may not want to ask trans men about their transition experience. (Filmmaker: Tajir S. Hawkins, TRT: 4 Min, 2014).

Tricyclic Transform — This film documents the creation and self-destruction of the filmmakers ‘biologically-challenged drag-queen’ alter-ego Miss Liliane. The film theatricalizes the experience of being gender-queer and attempts to negotiate restrictive gender-roles by performing symbolic rituals. Despite this, the inability of their mind to comfortably inhabit any predefined role causes them to get trapped in an endless loop of repeated, pointless gestures. (Filmmaker: Melanie Menard, TRT: 5 min, 2015).

She — This film follows a day in the life of Andre St. Clair, a gender non-conformist, as she pushes the boundaries of gender identity. (Filmmaker: Molly Ganoour, TRT: 6 min, 2015) English Subtitles.

Unfinished — This experimental film aims to construct transgender subjectivity through the use of visual and written language. The film borrows the lyrics from the song The Origin of Love in the transgender film Hedwig and the Angry Inch and retells the origin of human as “an organism with two sets of arms and legs” and two faces peering out of one giant head. The title of the film in Chinese means, “not yet finished” and the ending of the film marks the beginning of another. (Filmmaker: Siufung LAW, TRT: 7 min, 2013). English Subtitles. Experimental.

Yin & Yang —  This film looks at the polar opposite, yet related forces or principles found in Yin & Yang. Yang is seen as hard, hot, male and active. Yin is seen as soft, cold, female and passive.  In Greek mythology the male symbol is a bull, the female symbol a snail. (Filmmaker: Olga Guse, TRT: 4 min, 2015) Experimental

Xampy — This film profiles the life of a gender variant individuals living in Sao Paulo. Some people think Xampy is a man, others a woman, and some a trans person. Xampy tells the audience about their rocky past, the bullying they experienced growing up and time spent in a South American prison. (Filmmakers: Paulo Menezes & Daniel Wierman, TRT: 25 min, 2014). English Subtitles.