Gender Reel, is more than just a film & performance art festival, it is also a production program.

Gender Reel Productions is a creative, dynamic, independent, grassroots, socially conscious media art program. GRP, is dedicated to enhancing the visibility of queer, gender non-conforming and transgender identities and experiences, as well as larger issues related to sexual and gender identity.

Over the next five years, GRP will embark on a number of media related journeys including, but not limited to: Producing and directing films and video programs, sponsoring the work of other filmmakers creating works about GNC/trans people, and starting Gender Reel TV.

Gender Reel Productions Staff:

Excutive Director: Joe Ippolito

Technical Director: Wallace Burchett


2014 Completed Project:

“Growing Old Gracefully: The Transgender Experience.”

GOG explores the issues and experiences of aging transgender people.

Producer & Director: Joe Ippolito

Co-Producer: Kandis Hutcherson

Cinematographer(s): Wallace (Lorri) Burchett & Kandis Hutcherson

Editor: Wallace Burchett

Copies of GOG are available for $20 each (this includes shipping and handling).