Gender Reel is gearing up for an amazing 2016 year, with events and festivals scheduled all year round in cities across the country. Listed below are tenative locations and dates for some of the events we are currently planning. However, more will be added as the year progresses so it is advisable to check back to see what new pops up.

First Event (Boston): January 21, 2016 — Gender Reel kicks off 2016 with a co-sponsored screening of Alice Bouvrie’s new Documentary “A Chance to Dress” following the conferences Red Carpet/Black Tie Affair.

Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (Philadelphia): June 9-11, 2016 — Date and time of our annual mini film festival will be annouced once the PTHC’s planning committee has determined the schedule.

The Center (New York City): June 12, 2016 — This one day event will feature some of Gender Reel’s best 2015 film entries. Check back for additional details in late January 2016.

Fall Festivals 2016: September thru November — Gender Reel hopes to host between 5 to 10 fall events in 2016. Current cities already on our roster include: Minneapolis, MN, Durham, NC, Omaha, NE, Houston, TX and Boston, MN. Dates, times and locations TBA and additional festival locations will be added as the year moves forward.

San Diego quarterly film event: Starting this January Gender Reel will host quarterly events in San Diego. Dates, times and locations will be announced after the New Year.