ist2_2986873_birthday_cake_with_lighted_candles_on_itOn December 28, 2013, Gender Reel celebrates it’s 3rd birthday.

To enter our contest, email Joe @ with a dynamic 500 word SA to this question.

In what way have you personally contributed to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming/trans visibility over the past year? 

Winners will be subjectively based on how much time and effort they have spent engaging in these activities. 

Winner: Receives a Gender Reel T-shirt, free all-festival pass to one of our upcoming Gender Reel festivals, and a lunch date with Gender Reel Founder & Chair at the next Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (provided you attend the event). If you do not attend the event, you will receive a $10 Starbucks giftcard.

Runner Up: Receives a Gender Reel T-shirt and free all-festival pass.

All contest participants will receive a free all-festival pass to one of our upcoming Gender Reel Festival.

In your submission email, please include whether you want a male or female cut T-shirt, your size and a mailing address. Also, include the words “Birthday contest” in your email subject line.

Also, please help us promote Gender Reel by forwarding this contest information onto others.