Christian Lovehall

​Gender Reel, the nations only coast-to-coast film and performance art festival dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming and transgender people, images and experiences, is being held in four cities around the United States; Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, Minneapolis, MN, and it’s home down of Philadephia, PA.

This years festival will showcase 21 amazing films, various city specific performance art peices, numerous Q&A’s with filmmakers, and panel discussions about the importance of Gnc&T visibility in film and art. 2013 festival highlights include, but are not limited to: A tribute to filmmaker, Christopher Lee. Lee, who killed himself in December 2012, after struggling with depression for years, revolutionalized the porn industry in the mid-1990’s when he created the first porn showcasing the trans male experience.

Alley Of The Tranny Boy

This year, Gender Reel will pay tribute to Lee, by showing his groundbreaking 1998 film, “Alley Of The Tranny Boys,” along with the Countney Troubles newest empowerment porn about trans women, “Trans Grrrls: Revolution Trans Porn Style Now.” Panel discussions exploring the evolution of trans people in porn with follow the screening of both films.

Additional naitonal highlights are: A 15 minute short by trans man Christian Lovehall entitled, “HISphoria: TRANS, MALE & DYSPHORIC,” a film highlighting Christians personal experience of living in a body that does not reflect how he feels about himself; four dynamic films about trans women living in coutries across the globe; the primier of a 15 minute trailer entitled, “Riot Grrrl: The Self-told narrative,” which tells the story of the counter culture, feminist, punk rock movement that influced girls to become GRRRLS; and the screening of, “Dating Sucks: A Genderqueers Misadventure,” a short exploring the pleasures and hardships of dating as a Gender Queer.

Venus Demars

City specific features include a musical performances by Venus Demars (Minneapolis) and Jaya Meadows (Philadelphia), readings and book signings with nationally recognized authors Ryan Sallans (Minneapolis) and Everett Maroon (Portland), and special guests Amanda Moore (Oakland) and Jayden H.C. Sampson (Philadelphia).

Some of our 2013 fiscal and non-fiscal sponsors include the Global Action Project (NYC), Metropolitan State University (Minneapolis), Troublefilms (Oakland), Passionale (Philadelphia).

Gender Reel, is a festival by the community for the community. We are committed to providing a space that is accessible and diverse. Individuals interested in attending, Gender Reel, should consult our website for information about venue locations, ticket prices and city-specific film and performance art schedules. Questions concerning any of our four festivals, volunteer opportunities and ways to bring Gender Reel to a city near you in 2014 should be directed to Joe @