Just a Bit Radical, is a new magazine, focusing on the needs and stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (and allies, too!) youth.

Based in Massachusetts, the magazine  features stories about prominent entertainers and Q&A’s about popular LGBTQ initiatives.

Earlier this month, Gender Reel Chair Joe Ippolito had a chance to talk with Editor-in-Chief, Catherine Oliver, about Just a Bit Radical. Here is what she had to say about this innovative magazine.

Joe: “What inspired the creation of Just a Bit Radical?”

Catherine: “I decided to start Just a Bit Radical because I was tired of seeing the suicides of LGBT youth every time I turned around. I was tired of seeing every magazine only cater to one part of the LGBT spectrum and never include youth. Most publications only focus on 18-and-over content and never think about what the younger generation has to say. I also am alarmed at the lack of transgender representation in print. Being bigender myself, I think that having a positive trans* voice in print and digital media is important. I gathered an amazing team of individuals to help me, and here we are today!”
Joe: “What has been the communities response to the magazine so far?”

Catherine: “We’ve had an overwhelmingly supportive response from so many amazing people. We launch our website and first issue in June, and myself and my team are looking forward to feedback from the community at large once they see the first magazine completed.”

Joe: “What are three primary goals JaBR hopes to achieve when it comes to
helping LGBTQ youth?”

Catherine: “First, to give youth a place to submit their stories/artwork/photography/etc. It’s very important to us to offer youth a chance to express themselves in what might be the only safe creative outlet they can find. Secondly, to bring together the community under one banner instead of focusing on our differences. Lastly, we hope to be a voice for equality and fairness for all individuals and provide those that might not have listened to our message a chance to read our publication and perhaps broaden their horizons.”

Joe: “In what ways is JaBR hoping to expand and/or grow over the next year or so?”

Catherine: “We’re going to be launching three more ‘zines this year–and are always looking for new submissions. We’d like to grow as a company, and become a go-to in the LGBT world for youth publications.”