Christopher Lee

Gender Reel, will feature two of Christopher Lee’s films at the upcoming festival in September.

Known for his transgressive filmmaking, Christopher Lee (48) died by suicide on December 22, 2012, after suffering for years with bouts of depression and mental illness.

Lee, served in 2002 as the first female-to-male grand marshal in the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade. He is also remembered for his work with Tranny Fest, now called the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, and the creation of a serious of groundbreaking films about the transgender experience.

Lee’s first film, Christopher’s Chronicles, explored the intricacies of his own transition, while his other films, Trappings of Transhood and Alley of the Tranny Boys, were fearless documentations of trans identity and sexuality. Alley of the Tranny Boys, released in 1998, is the first historically significant feature length film claiming an erotic and pornographic space for FTMs.

Alley Of The Tranny Boys

Lee devoted his energy to filmmaking and activism and will be remembered by many, including Gender Reel, as a unifying force in the trans community.

Gender Reel will showcase Lee’s films at all four of it’s festivals this year. Individuals interested in catching these films in your town can do so by consulting Gender Reel’s film schedules in August 2013.