mapThe 2013 Gender Reel festival is expanding.

The two-year-old, East Coast based multi-media festival is scheduled to take place in various cities across the United States. The festival originated in Philadelphia, PA in 2011. However, it is now set to take place in Minneapolis, MN and Philadelphia, PA, in Sept 2013, with plans to add Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR, to the list of places where the 2013 festival film and performance art program will be showcased.

According to Gender Reel Founder and Chair Joe Ippolito, “The festival grew in popularity a lot since it started in 2011 and we wanted to bring this experience to others.” The festival, which started off with a multi-media platform, will now focuse only on film and performance art. “While the visual art and photography pieces were well received, the film and performance art aspects drew the largest crowd and organizers felt focusing on this would make it easier to expand,” Ippolito explains.

Filmmakers and performance artists interested in submitting work to Gender Reel can do so through our “submit” page on the website. The submission process begins April 20, 2013 and ends June 20, 2013.

Gender Reel is committed to diversity and strongly encourages film and performance submissions from people of color communities, gender queer folks, and trans women.