Gender Reel, the countries only coast-to-coast film & performance art festival, turned five this year. In recognition of this, festival organizers are gearing up for an amazing year of events and screenings throughout the country.

Gender Reel, kicked off 2015 with a bang February 7 & 8, 2015 at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. This was the first time Gender Reel held a festival in the Big Apple and over 250 attendees came out to enjoy two fun-filled days of screenings, Q&A discussions and complimentary meals.

Joe Ippolito, Gender Reel’s Founder & Executive Director says, “The best part of attending a festival like Gender Reel is the community building experience folks don’t otherwise have when watching films at home.” While no specific plans have been made yet, it is rumored Gender Reel organizers are looking to host another NYC event in 2016.

Other upcoming 2015 events include a mini film festival at the BecauseConference in Minneapolis, MN on April 18th, screenings at the National Trans Health Summit in Oakland, CA on April 17-19, and an art and film event co-hosted with the Leeway Foundation at thePhiladelphia Trans-Health Conference on June 4. “One of our goals is to continue collaborating with groups and organizations from around the nation who’s mission is similar to our own,” explains Ippolito.  He went on to say, “Groups like Because, PTHCand Leeway represents that.”

In addition, Gender Reel Organizers continue to prepare for it’s winter film festival circuit. Winter festivals typically profile new film submitted to Gender Reel, as well as Q&A’s and performance art pieces with a more city specific feel. Gender Reel will host winter festivals in four cities this year: Minneapolis, MN, Houston, TX, Omaha, NB, and Long Beach, CA. Currently, Gender Reel representatives are also talking with organizers in the Greenbelt, MD and Boston, MA areas about hosting events in these cities, as well.

Gender Reel’s official submission process starts on April 20 and ends July 20. However, filmmakers are encouraged to submit films early in what has now become a rolling submission process. Submissions can be made through our website @

Folks interested in bringing Gender Reel to a city near them should contact Joe Ippolito @ by  May 15th for details concerning ways to make that happen.