The Wire Monkey is a musical and a story about hope and TRANSformation written and directed by Luke Allen. The play is also a story about spirituality, the search for ones true nature and finding one’s light in the darkest moments. It tells the story of a young Transman, named Sean, who comes into therapy because of anger issues. Sean was raised by a loveless mother and relates to “Harlow’s wire monkey” a subject of the love experiment in the late 50’s.

Dr. Sayre is a Psychologist and a TriYoga teacher. As the story progresses, “Doc” prepares Sean and alters for integration taking the positive aspect of each alter and renaming each one with a Hindu deity’s name. It is through the development of this therapy relationship, and Sean’s exposure to TriYoga that Sean begins to TRANSform and achieve integration.

Allen states, “as someone who has felt “other” much of my life, living with gender identity issues, trapped in this cage called my body, and recovering from the disease of alcoholism, one of my many wires, I felt the desire to write a play, using metaphor, to show an audience what it feels like to long for freedom, touch, love and community.”

The Wire Monkey will premier on Friday, April 6 from 7-9 pm @

The Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine St.

Philadelphia, Pa. 19130

Tickets are $15.